MCP Cookbook - Open vSwitch Networking

As we’ve already seen in our previous articles Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) is really flexible and can tackle lots of different use cases. Last time we’ve looked at using Ceph as the OpenStack storage backend. Today we are reviewing different ways to leverage Neutron Open vSwitch ML2 plugin instead of the standard OpenContrail SDN solution to offer networking as a service to our users.

MCP Cookbook - Ceph

In the last few articles, I’ve detailed the workflow to deploy Mirantis Cloud Platform (aka MK now MCP) based on Mirantis OpenStack and a Reclass Model Driven Architecture (MDA). But you may want to use a different backend for storage then our standard MCP one, the reference Cinder LVM ISCSI Driver. In this MCP cookbook article, I’ll guide you step by step, to use Ceph as your storage backend for Glance (Images), Cinder (Volumes) and Nova (Guest Disks). You can use any of these options alone or combined.