OpenStack French Meetup #4

Fourth OpenStack meetup in Paris with a fully booked amphitheater at Epita, amazing growth of the french community. As a reminder, the first meetup happened June 10, 2013 with only 18 participants.

Suse Cloud conference - part 1

Julien Niedergang, is a pre-sales SUSE engineer, curious about OpenStack, he presented SUSE strategy and solutions based on Crowbar, Chef and OpenStack.

Google Tech Talk - Testing at Google

Google regularly invites students and professional to Tech Talk sessions, this time I was invited in their Paris office for a talk about Testing at Google. This is one of the first Tech Talk organized in Paris.

Ceph Workshop

I’ve attended the first Ceph Workshop in Amsterdam, Nov 2, 2012, with all the Ceph gurus, Sage Weil, Wildo den Hollander, Ross Turk, Gregory Farnum presenting this outstanding distributed storage technology. I’m sharing with you my notes.