Deploying Ceph using Crowbar 2.0

For quite some time now the Crowbar team have been refactoring their cloud unboxer solution. It is is not yet ready for public consumption, but if you want to see what they’ve got, it’s already possible. Victor Lowther have just released the first CB20 compatible workload which is Ceph, a distributed storage solution from Inktank. This article will build up on the previous one which details the process of building a Crowbar ISO, let see how it differs if you want to see the latest and greatest of Crowbar 2.0. If you really don’t know what we are talking about, just start from the beginning.

Ceph Workshop

I’ve attended the first Ceph Workshop in Amsterdam, Nov 2, 2012, with all the Ceph gurus, Sage Weil, Wildo den Hollander, Ross Turk, Gregory Farnum presenting this outstanding distributed storage technology. I’m sharing with you my notes.